Trench Cover


The 12/8 Safe Cover is a versatile, rigid and lightweight trench cover that is suitable for pedestrians and 2 tonnes vehicles over a 700mm trench.

Safe, simple & strong

This glass reinforced composite cover has ribbed framework for added strength. The anti-slip surface is safe and secure for pedestrians, and chamfered edges prevent trips. The 12/8 Safe Cover should be bolted down.

Features & Advantages

  • Anti-slip and anti-trip
  • Compliant with AS3996
  • Suitable for the distributed weight of a 2 tonne vehicle over 700mm trench
  • Lighter & durable alternative to steel plates
  • Passed load testing with a 250mm pad for distributed 2 tonne (500kg) load
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Product No.0307
Weight13 kg
Quantity / Pallet30

12/8 Safe Cover

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